Besides the strawberry, the raspberry was also expanded during the 20th century in Huelva. This fruit has become one of the main products of the province due to its resistance to extreme temperatures, typical in Andalusia, and its need for coastal climate with moderate summer to achieve the best quality and taste.

That is why, in Doñana Fresa we decided to allocate part of our farms to the cultivation of this berry. Thus, with our constant effort and dedication, we have become one of the most prominent distributors and producers of raspberries worldwide.

This fruit requires a very high investment and extreme care, so it is not so easy to find a raspberry cooperative in Huelva that knows how to maintain it to obtain a fruit of great quality. In Doñana Fresa we have learned to produce the best for our clients thanks to the years of experience.

Therefore, our varieties are very diverse and delicious. From the softness of the Kwanza and the youth and sweetness of the Versailles, to the high quality of the Enrosadira and the firmness and brilliance of the Tulameen, all these varieties will be a pleasure for the eyes and palate of the most experienced consumers.

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Therefore, all the years dedicated to the optimization of this crop has turned us into the Huelva raspberry cooperative that allows to its clients to make different requests according to their needs and their diverse tastes.


This berry has a very broad production schedule, that begins in September and ends in the month of June, in addition to high resistance to the deterioration. That is why, our national and international consumers, essentially in Europe, can enjoy its excellent flavor throughout the year.

On the other side, it is not only its flavor, but also the benefits of its consumption: which deserve to be highlighted:

Contain many vitamins such as C and calcium

Help to treat cystitis

Prevent eye diseases

Peel fiber helps to avoid diabetes

Therefore, if you want to enjoy one of the tastiest and healthiest fruits, try the berries provided by Doñana Fresa..