Huelva strawberries are world-known because our province is the largest European producer of this exquisite fruit. The reason of it is unique climate conditions: big number of hours of sunshine that our zone receives in spring and difference between day and night temperatures, along with the excellent fertile land we have.

Therefore, in Doñana Fresa we work daily to become one of the greatest strawberry cooperatives in Huelva. This objective is so important for us, that we decided to include this excellent fruit in our name to make it a part of our identity.

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As a result of growing demand of our consumers, we have become distributors and producers of many types of strawberries. Among those to be highlighted there is Fortuna variety, the earliest one with great flavor and shape, Rociera variety, which draws attention thanks to its high quality, and the innovative Beauty, that stands out for its great properties. Among other available varieties there is Frontera, Rábida and San Andrea.

Although there are many distributors and producers of strawberries in the province of Huelva, not everyone has our capacity to adapt to any customer request: from berries with tail, to strawberries of different sizes. You can have the fruit you wish.

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We begin to enjoy this fruit from the end of November and, due to its durability, it stays being available for our customers consumption until the beginning of June. Thus, our strawberry cooperative in Huelva has achieved international fame, so you can find our fruit mainly throughout Europe.

As well as being delicious, our fruits have numerous properties that benefit the health:

They are rich in fiber and vitamins such as C and K

They contain very few calories per hundred grams

They help maintain bone health

They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

So, if you want to enjoy the best Huelva product both for its flavor and for its healthy properties, choose our strawberries. You will surely love it.