In Doñana Fresa we care about being one of the berries companies of the highest quality, so we strive to give the best service to our customers in order to differentiate ourselves from others. To achieve this, during the production and distribution processes we carry out an exhaustive control and thus prevent any fruit defect.

To give added value to our activity, it was very important to obtain some certificates that ensure our good practice. Among them there is the Global G.A.P., international regulations on sustainable agricultural production, and the BRC Food, that controls a safety of food products.

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  • bcr food

fresas empaquetadas

To provide an excellent service it is essential not only to care about agricultural processes, but also to ensure an optimal fruit transportation. So, we cooperate with reliable chilled transport companies, which achieve that our berries reach customers as soon as possible and in the best conditions.

Another valuable element of Doñana Fresa practice is based on providing the best agricultural and technical assistance to our team. Our members receive our support in various activities, from the creation of invoices to the search of personnel to work on their farms. Thus, we have achieved maximum productivity and, in turn, have brought happiness to the workers who make part of our cooperative.

In addition, in order to be one of the berries companies of high quality, we take as a duty the possibility to try to produce all the existing diversity. Thus, the owners of the patents are able to discover how their varieties perform and what kind of qualities they possess, and also to enable their inclusion as one of Doñana Fresa’s products, if they are worth it.


Finally, it is essential that each work we do is being respectful towards the Environment. Therefore, it is our duty to recycle all the waste we produce, in addition to depositing the chemicals in the waste manager that corresponds to it. On the other hand, each process must be carried out in the correct time frame and with people who have a special license, in order to make our planet a safe place for future generations.