Doñana Fresa is constantly growing because it has always been able to develop during all these years and continues adapting to changes in the berry sector, choosing the most professional alternative.

From the foundation in 1987, when we were only a small company, to the great impulse after the change of headquarter in 2000, when we opted for a strong investment and more advanced infrastructure, and became a reference of international agricultural cooperatives.

Many of our clients are located in the European continent: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, United Kingdom and Belgium are the most prominent countries that have the privilege of enjoying the excellent products we make. Nevertheless, in Doñana Fresa we are at disposal of consumers from any part of the world.

Finally, thanks to the production and manufacturing processes progress, we have also expanded the diversity of berries. We have about 10 raspberry varieties and 7 strawberry varieties that possess a taste that everyone loves.